A Taste of Gluten Free Portland

Contributor: Mary Hansen

If you are gluten free, you have come to the right city. There are 5 different dedicated gluten free bakeries in town and that it just the beginning.  Most restaurants either have a dedicated GF menu or indicate how you can modify a dish to make it GF. There is also a refreshing understanding of not just gluten free food needs, but all kinds of food allergies and sensitivities.

Some of the cafés and restaurants listed below are near the Oregon Convention Center, but others are in neighborhoods you might want to explore while you are visiting Portland.


Back to Eden – Great for vegans and they have wonderful doughnuts and vegan sausage & biscuits



New Cascadia Traditional Bakery – Bagels that make you wonder if they are indeed GF and delightful cupcakes



Petunia’s Pies & Pastries – Get a cocktail and a GF sweet treat or maybe something savory



Gluten Free GEM Bakery – Wonderful pastries that you can find in coffee shops and stores all over town



Some of my favorite restaurants in great neighborhoods – fun and filling!


Verde Cocina – multiple locations, GF kitchen, great breakfast, lunch and dinner and happy hour (with a good selection of tequila); locally sourced meat and the best vegetables I have ever eaten outside of my own kitchen



Pastini – multiple locations, knowledgeable staff regarding what can be modified and a phenomenal GF tiramisu



Mississippi Pizza – one location with a dedicated GF oven and amazing toppings and you get to explore Mississippi Ave



Cultured Caveman – Several carts around town as well as a restaurant, grain free, paleo-friendly and wonderful with modifications for those with dietary restrictions.



Jade Bistro & Patisserie – One location but worth the drive/ride to Sellwood; Vietnamese and Thai cuisine with lots of GF options. Start with dessert – try the sesame ball with caramel sauce



Hawthorne Fish House/Corbett Fish House – two locations in town with rice flour based fried fish, GF beers, desserts and even fried cheese curds



Andina – Upscale and definitely a treat with a separate GF menu, happy hour and small plates



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