Vegan and Vegetarian Eating

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Jenny Mundy is the Records Officer and Electronic Records Management Analyst for Multnomah County, in addition to being an avid gardener, vegan powerlifter, and cat fancier. Ask her for a long explanation of why americanos are way better than drip coffee.

Near the Convention Center

Cafe Yumm!

1010 NE 7th Ave

  • Basic bowls with healthy toppings. The sauce is what will keep you coming back. One of the places in town for accommodating a wide variety of dietary preferences.


Garden Bar

1061 NE 9th Ave

  • Because sometimes you just really need a giant salad.


Little Big Burger

787 NE Holladay St

  • Veggie burgers, can be made vegan if done as a lettuce wrap. Pair your burger with some truffle fries and enjoy!


Sizzle Pie East

624 E Burnside

  • Vegan, veggie, and omni options, with slices always available in all three categories, and delivery until long after you should be asleep to get to next morning’s sessions. If you have even a fleeting interest in metal, you’ll get a kick out of the pizza names and might walk away with one of their tshirts. If you venture out to Powell’s Books, they have a Westside location across the street.


Marukin Ramen

609 SE Ankeny, Ste A

  • Ramen with vegan options. Portland is the first place this Tokyo ramen chain has expanded to, with much excitement from local ramen fan. If Tokyo can have a Portland-themed bar, we’re happy to have a Tokyo style ramen house in exchange!


Near the Hilton / Downtown


Veggie Grill

508 SW Taylor St

  • Chain offering fast food style eats, but all plant based. Order to go and enjoy eating in the sunshine at Pioneer Square.


Departure Restaurant + Lounge

525 SW Morrison St (top of Meier and Frank Building)

  • Great options groups of folks with mixed dietary restrictions. Asian cuisine with one of the best views in town. Aim for early evening for a sit down meal, or come later in the evening when the crowd gets lively.


Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen

835 SW 2nd Ave

  • Another good spot for mixed dietary restrictions. Lots of vegan/veggie options, good drinks, and a fun atmosphere. There can be a bit of a line, so give yourself enough time to wait for a table if you come during peak hours.


DC Vegetarian

SW Washington & 3rd Food Cart Pod

  • All vegan and vegetarian food cart with some of the best sandwiches in town. They’re known best for their Cheese “Steak” (also available as a “Cheese” “Steak” for the vegans).


Farther Afield but Worth the Trip


Blossoming Lotus

1713 NE 15th Ave

  • Long time vegan restaurant with gluten free and raw options and a focus on seasonal vegetables. Their Bibimbap Bowl and Thai Salad are stand out dishes. Wonderful cocktails and mocktails.



1011 NE Alberta St

  • Portland’s first vegan bar. Southern inspired eats with plenty of outdoor seating. Tasty bowls and sandwiches to fill your belly while you explore the Alberta District. The Bye&Bye namesake drink in a mason jar paired with a BBQ Brussel Bowl is a Portland vegan standard.



930 SE Sandy Blvd

  • A sports bar with lots of outdoor seating and a great mix of vegan and omni options. One section has stadium style seating with ceiling mounted screens to watch the game. Lots of sports-free space if you really just want to sit on the upper patio, eat a Cruchwrap, and watch the sun go down.


Farm Spirit

1414 SE Morrison St

  • This is about as fancy as it gets. All vegan, with gluten free options. If you’ve found yourself with some extra money to spare and want to spoil yourself, make a reservation for their eight course Cascadian Tasting Menu.


Homegrown Smoker

4237 N Mississippi Ave Food Cart Pod

  • Vegan BBQ – yep, you read that right. Everything from smoked tempeh ribs to their famous macnocheeto burrito. The cart pod is attached to Prost German bier bar, which encourages you to grab something tasty and pair it with a summery German bier.


Hungry Tiger

213 SE 12th Ave

  • Your best best to get vegan/veggie eats in a dive bar atmosphere. Grab some totchos (that’s nachos made with tater tots, for the uninitiated) and an IPA for the maximum Portland bar experience.


No Bones Beach Club

3928 N Mississippi Ave

  • All vegan tiki bar and restaurant. Big, filling meals, and part of the profits from every meal go to a local non-profit animal rescue. Feel good about stuffing your face.


The Sudra

2333 NE Glisan St

  • A fun take on Indian street food. Delicious thali plates done with fresh local vegetables.



1205 SE Stark Ave

  • All vegan bakery with filling sandwiches and gluten free options, located at the vegan mini mall. Known for their croissants. If you’re feeling particularly inspired after lunch, stop on in nextdoor at Herbivore for a sassy tshirt or vegan cookbook, grab some snacks at Food Fight, or maybe even get a tattoo at Scapegoat. When in Rome…


Sweet Hereafter

3326 SE Belmont St

  • Portland’s second vegan bar, from the creators of Bye&Bye. Great eats, and an amazing tap selection, including ciders and Belgian style beers.



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