Getting around town: transportation options in Portland

Contributor Laura Buchholz works in Reed College Special Collections & Archives.

To and from the airport

The airport is located a few miles northeast of downtown and the convention center. Options for getting to and from the airport include the MAX red line (lightrail), taxis, shuttles, and rideshares. More info on getting to and from the airport is at Travel Portland.

Public transit

TriMet is our regional transit system. Check out their site for a trip planner, fares, maps, and schedules. Pay ahead with your phone with their ticket app or buy tickets at any MAX or Streetcar station. A 7 day pass is $26. All TriMet tickets are good for the MAX, the Streetcar, and all of the buses. For MAX and Streetcar, just make sure you have a valid ticket, and then hop on. For buses, show your ticket to the driver or pay (cash only) as you board.


Bike share: There are stations of orange bikes all around town available to rent for one way or round trips. Visit BIKETOWN for more details. Bring your own helmet or rent one from a local shop.

Bike tours: Want to explore Portland by bike, but prefer a little company and guidance? We have several options for guided bike tours that will take care of details so that you can focus on enjoying the ride.

Be safe: Follow the rules of the road when riding and be aware of your surroundings. Yield to pedestrians.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has maps, safety tips, and info on combining rides with public transit.


If you rent a car, decide to use carsharing like Zipcar or Car2go, or drove to the conference, there’s a few things to be aware of when driving in Portland:

Bikes: There are a lot of bikes in Portland. Pay attention and yield to bikes, especially when making right turns or crossing bike lanes. Some intersections have green bike boxes. Cars need to stop outside of the box.

Crosswalks: By law, every intersection is a crosswalk whether marked or unmarked, and cars must yield to pedestrians showing intent to cross.

No cell phones: It is illegal to use a cell phone unless via a hands free device. Please don’t text and drive.

Be nice! Oregon drivers are often nice, sometimes to the consternation of folks from other states. If someone slows down to let you merge, don’t worry; they don’t have ulterior motives.

Gas: We don’t pump our own gas here. When you pull up to the pump, an attendant will come to your window to help you out.


Check out more transportation options–including pedicabs–from Travel Portland.


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