SAA plans festival to serve members’ brew needs

 Contributed by Terry Baxter




Well, not really. It’s just happy coincidence that the Society of American Archivists 2017 annual meeting overlaps the Oregon Brewers Festival. The Brewers Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary by offering over 150 craft and specialty beers. Located just a short walk from the Oregon Convention Center and the Hilton, the festival will be open from July 26 through July 30 from noon until 9 daily. In addition to the tips scattered through the festival website, I can offer the following veteran advice.


Try before you buy (a whole pint). Tastes are one token, pints are five. With all the different brews to try, my tactic is to sample, sample, sample. If you come across something you really like, get a full pint.


Unless you are there at 12 sharp, the lines will be long and the place crowded. I often get a sample and then drink it while waiting in the next line. This is a good opportunity to chat with Portlanders and find out a little bit about the Rose City. The festival provides a booklet with all the festival beers. Map out the ones you really want to try. Some will go by the second day, especially the specialty beers.


Be smart about your consumption. It’ll be hot, so stay hydrated. Set a reasonable limit (both in time and in samples). Think about going for shorter stints over a couple days. Go with friends and enjoy the companionship as much as the beer.


Finally, if you want a little history about craft beer in Oregon, remember that the Liberated Archives Forum has a Saturday morning discussion session about just that!


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