Breakfast and Brunch: Wait an hour? Really? No!

Contributed by: LauraDenise White, Consulting Archivist for the Digital Manuscripts Collection at the Genealogical Forum of Oregon


Getting your morning fuel shouldn’t be like standing in line at Disney World for the magical swirling tea cups. You can definitely find places for a wonderful brunch and breakfast in Portland without having to wait an hour or two for a seat. Here are some tips to keep your mornings stress and rush-free during this year’s SAA alike/different 2017 conference:



Costello's Travel Caffe

Costello’s Travel Caffe ( This lovely little café is located a short walk from the Convention Center at 2222 NE Broadway St, just past NE 22nd Ave heading away from the river (aka east) on NE Broadway. Great for fast breakfast scones, teas, and coffee’s.

J Cafe

J Café ( Maybe a panini or bagel or other morning food stuffs with less sugar is more your style? Check out the J Café at 533 NE Holladay St #101, two blocks west (aka toward the river) from the Double Tree Hilton on NE Holladay.

Temptations Cafe Logo

Temptations Café ( You could get any closer to the Double Tree Hilton by the Convention Center if you tried! Located kitty-corner from the Double Tree hotel across NE Holladay and NE 11th Ave (aka away from the river and across from the Holladay Park). Amazingly eclectic breakfast and brunch options to go (including paninis, smoothies, and Mediterranean wraps), and they open from 6:30am, so you won’t have to miss a minute of the conference.




The Good Earth Cafe

The Good Earth Café ( Breakfast burritos, pancakes and eggs, and burgers!? All from 7am – 2:45pm, Monday through Friday, or from 8am – 1:30pm, Saturdays. Located at 1136 SW 3rd Avenue, corner of Madison St on the bottom floor of the Justice Center. Did you hear what I heard? They even have Wi-Fi! Grab one of the 50 seats in their dining room or call 503-206-8214 for a take-out order.

Ken's BakeryKen's Bakery Logo

Ken’s Artisan Bakery ( Oh counter service, how we love your efficient fluid movement of the ever hungry crowds. We highly recommend this place if you’re planning a morning up at the Rose Gardens, Hoyt Arboretum, Japanese Gardens, or just a hike through the West Hills Forest Park trails. Get a few croissants, usually loaded with local seasonal berries, veggies, and/or cheese, to go, or grab a seat with a hot slice of veggie or ham quiche and watch the Portland northwestern neighborhood rouse from its slumber out the bakery’s floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows.




Brunch Box

Brunch Box ( Especially good for those taking advantage of the Hilton in Portland’s downtown area, this little brunch place is located at 620 SW 9th Ave, just a block and a half from Pioneer Courthouse Square which is where you’ll be catching the Max trains to fly over the river to the conference center. Build your own burger and go! Open from 8am – 10pm.


Kornblatts ( Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? They may not have the flashiest website, but their L.E.O.’s (lox, scrambled eggs, and onions) are to die for, along with everything that comes out of their kitchen. This little joint fills up fast but the wait is never longer than 10-15 minutes even if you wait until after 10am to join the brunch fun. Located at 628 NW 23rd Ave, just down the West Hills from Forest Park and all its many attractions. Breakfast served all day!

 Pine State Biscuits

Pine State Biscuits ( We recommend being true to your word on this one and sincerely playing the early bird game, although even the lines on this one that end up wrapping around the edge of the block somehow always seem to shuffle through within 15-20 minutes. Or, on the other end, you could give it some extra time and hit this counter service joint a little later in the morning or even afternoon. Open from 7am – 3pm, with several locations, one across the street from the Genealogical Forum of Oregon Library (one of our repository tours on Tuesday afternoon) on SE 11th and Division. There’s also locations at 125 NE Schuyler St, which is a good walk from about 10 blocks north from the Convention Center (about ½ mile), or you could try their Farmers Market stand location at SW Park & SW Montgomery on Saturday from 8:30am – 2pm.


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